Practical Aspects of Interventional Cardiac Surgery

Operational intervention in the human body is a complex painful process requiring high competence of the doctor. It is often not just a question of improving life`s quality, but saving life.

Thanks to the development of science, modern medicine allows conducting examinations and operations with the least discomfort, minimizing possible risks and complications.

A technique using various catheters inserted into the vessels through small punctures or incisions, thus avoiding scarring, has been actively developed lately. In addition, diagnosis and treatment using this technique do not require general anesthesia and long hospital stay.

The method of endovascular surgery and catheter treatment of arrhythmia have been discussed by cardiologists and cardiosurgeons at the conference «Practical Aspects of Interventional Cardiac Surgery».

During the master classes, doctors with more than 20 years of professional activity shared their experience in using this technique.

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Sergey Nikolayevich Furkalo, MD, professor, head of the endovascular surgery and angiography department of the National Institute of Surgery and Transplantology of the National Academy of Medical Sciences of Ukraine.

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Karpenko Yuri Ivanovich, Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor – Head of the Department of Internal Medicine of the Odessa National Medical University, Head of the Regional Center for Cardiac Surgery.

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