Current trends in immuno-oncology

current trends in immuno-oncology

      November 11-12, 2016 in Munich a conference in the field of oncology took place, where a range of issues on the treatment of cancer was discussed by experts. Grigoriy Ursol, an oncologist of our clinic also participated in the conference. You can see the conference materials below .



Welcome and Introductions. Chair: Giorgio Scaglioni (ITA) Martin Reck (DEU)

Immuno-Oncology: The Basics. Speaker: Sanjiv Agarwala (USA)

Checkpoint Pathways and Immune Evasion. Speaker: Michele Maio (ITA)

Evolving Landscape of Immunotherapy. Speaker: Martin Reck (DEU)

Lesson of MelanomaSpeaker: Peter Mohr (DEU)

Immunotherapy in Head and Neck Cancer. Speaker: Viktor Grünwald (DEU)

Emerging Immuno-oncology Data in Cancer. Speaker: Markus Möhler

 PD-L1 as a Biomarker for Lung Cancer. Speaker: Reinhard Büttner (DEU) 

NSCLC Treatment in Europe: The Role of Chemotherapy in Second Line. Speaker: Giorgio Scaglioni (ITA)

NSCLC Treatment in Europe: Genetic Alteration-Directed Therapy. Speaker: Chistian Rolfo (BEL)

Immunotherapy After Platinum Failure. Speaker: Thomas Newsom-Davis (GBR)​  

Toxicity Prevention and Management in Lung Cancer. Speaker: Thomas Newsom-Davis (GBR)​ 

How About the PD-1 Negative Patients? Cace for Chemotherapy: Rosario Garcia Campelo (ESP)

How About the PD-1 Negative Patients? Cace for Immunotherapy: Giorgio Scaglioni (ITA)

Immunotherapy in Treatment-Naive NSCLC. Speaker: Maya Gottfried (ISR)