Medical Department of the company Acinus

April 23, 1994 the company «Acinus» received from the Ministry of Health of Ukraine its first license to engage in business activities in the following areas: provision of surgical, therapeutic, cosmetic care; the use of methods of laboratory, functional and instrumental diagnostics, and physiotherapy.

In the beginning, the treatment process was organized in the facilities of Kirovograd Regional Hospital: beds were rented in the wards, and, on the basis of medical care contracts, patients were getting medical care and drug supply.

During the first 4 years, the clinic «Acinus» received the status of the diagnostic and treatment center, providing examination and consultation by doctors of 45 medical specialties. Within a short period of time the first non-government medical enterprise in the city of Kirovograd became a full wide-profile medical center.

December 19, 2007 the diagnostic and treatment center of the private enterprise «Acinus» (hereinafter – the – DTC «Acinus») opened its doors in a new cozy building with the latest equipment and new possibilities (Kirovograd, 65 Velyka Perspektyvna st.).SONY DSC

Currently, on the basis of a license to practice medicine delivered by the Ukrainian Ministry of Health, medical care in the DTC «Acinus» is provided by experienced doctors of different specialties, and the wide range of medical services is at the level of the best clinics of Ukraine.

Modern diagnostic facilities, efficient work of experienced professionals help patients go the entire complicated path from diagnosis and the first steps of treatment to a full recovery, acquiring skills and habits of a healthy life style and an optimistic view of their own health and the world around.

Diagnostic and treatment centr of private enterprise Private manufacturing company «Acinus» :

  • The unique in the Kirovograd region private medical center with a license for 58 types of health care and the first category accreditation of the Ministry of Health of Ukraine.
  • A unified medical complex, gathering the latest achievements and proven knowledge in the field of general medicine and neurology, cardiology and cardiac surgery, surgery, traumatology, ENT, ophthalmology, etc. These all provide qualified diagnosis and effective treatment, carried out in the in- or outpatient department or at home;
  • An emergency team and a mobile team of doctors on specialized vehicles hold consultations in villages and district centers of the Kirovograd region, where people are unable to receive adequate medical care.
  • foto_15An individual approach to each patient. The meaning of our work is to treat not the disease, but the patient; not the sick organ separately, but the body as a whole system. Reception, examination, medical procedures are carried out in the most comfortable and friendly environment;
  • The DTC «Acinus» employs highly qualified doctors, Professors, Candidates of Medical Science, who were trained abroad and have extensive clinical experience; attentive and responsive medical staff. In 2007, the CEO of the company «Acinus» Grigoriy Ursol was awarded the honorary title «Honored Doctor of Ukraine»;
  • Partnership with leading medical institutions in Ukraine and abroad:

    • P.L. Shupyk National Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;
    • O. Gonchar Dnipropetrovsk National University;
    • Kharkiv Medical Academy of Postgraduate Education;
    • N.I. Pirogov Odessa State Medical University;
    • Odessa City Clinical Hospital № 9, Department of Cardiac Surgery;
    • Clinic INTO-SANA, Odessa;
    • «InvitaLab»laboratory, Neuss (Germany);
    • Bremerhaven-Reinkenheide clinics, Bremerhaven (Germany);
    • German medical service, Munich (Germany).

    Modern research and diagnostic equipment:

    • MRI.
    • modern laboratory (more than 200 types of research: clinical, biochemical, DFI, PCR);
    • ultrasound diagnosis with three-dimensional color image;
    • lithotripter;
    • CT scanner;
    • modern X-ray machine;
  • Modern diagnostic techniques:

      • imaging;
      • imaging with intravenous enhancement;
      • angiography;
      • 3D-reconstruction;
      • MPR;
      • X-rays;
      • irrigography;
      • X-ray of the esophagus and stomach;
      • intravenous excretory urography.
    • Complex treatment and prevention of somatic disease;

    • A successful long-term experience and cooperation with the largest Ukrainian and foreign insurance companies;
    • Strictly private and secure pharmacotherapeutic approach;
    • A wide range of non-drug treatments (massage therapy, ozone therapy, and others.);
    • Compliance with the principles of medical ethics and confidentiality;
    • more than 20 years of successful work and thousands of grateful patients.