Pharmacy Department

PHARMACY NETWORK «Acinus» – includes more than 20 offices, like:

  • a pharmaceutical warehouse,
  • a manufacturing pharmacy;
  • retail pharmacies;
  • drugstores.

     For more than 20 years we have been selling medicines, medical supplies, sanitation and hygiene products, vitamins, dietary supplements and related products in 22 drugstores in the city of Kirovograd and Kirovograd region.

     The construction of a new pharmaceutical warehouse in accordance to the international requirements of the GDP makes the private enterprise meet the standards of the international pharmaceutical companies.

      The Acinus` warehouse is supplied with medecines by the largest manufacturers, with whom trustful and friendly relationship has developed over the years.Store

    Each year, the pharmacy offers its customers a range of over 8,000 kinds of various pharmaceutical products. Competing on the range with other pharmacies in Kirovograd, we occupy a worthy place in the Ukrainian pharmaceutical market. Every day the pharmacies of the company “Acinus” placed in Kirovograd provide service to more than 20 thousand customers.

      Since 1998 a STERILE SOLUTION MANUFACTURING PHARMACY (Pharmacy № 2) has been in operation, providing 30% of all the needs of medical and preventive institutions in the Kirovograd region. The pharmacy produces more than 20 kinds of products.

    «Acinus» drugstores regularly participate in campaigns from the manufacturers of drugs and their exclusive distributors (price reductions, gifts, and so on), to uphold the loyalty of our customers and attract new ones..apteka_1

      Working hours of Acinus` drugstores are designed according to the location and medication needs at any time of the day. Several pharmacies are open until late at night, without days off and breaks, and some – 24h/24h.

      The information call service of the company has been in operation for more than 10 years (36-60-03).

      The rhythm of life of each of us is so rapid that mobility is not an option, but a necessity. Instead of searching for a medecine in every pharmacy of the city, there is a possibility to reach the call service of «Acinus» and not only get all the needed information, but even have the medicine delivered.

      Among the regular staff of the pharmaceutical department there are more than 90 specialists with high or secondary pharmaceutical education, who constantly attend courses, seminars and conferences in order to improve their professional level, get new knowledge and skills.



     «Acinus» pharmacy network – it`s a convenient location, modern interior, a wide range of pharmaceutical products at affordable prices and the highest level of service.