About us

     The company «Acinus», is, in some sense, a self-sufficient organization. It includes all the basic and vital sectors: medicine, pharmacy, construction. At the same time, all these sectors are interlinked……

      The process of establishment of the company «Acinus» began in the difficult 90-ies of the last century, when almost everything was hard to get – from matches to aspirin – and to help his patients, Grygorii Ursol, head of thoracic department of Kirovograd Regional Hospital, began to establish contacts with medicines suppliers all across Ukraine. 

     The first serious steps were taken – the thoracic department`s patients’ needs in medicines were henceforth entirely fulfilled. The contacts established with medical providers gave new opportunities: the order volumes and the medications list increased, the range of consumers was getting wider, and thus, as the necessity to formalize the activity rose, Grygorii Ursol founded his enterprise «Acinus». lic_sAfter the first state license was received, the pharmacy chain started developing at first in the city of Kirovograd, and soon in the Kirovograd region, where the residents were in need of priority and scarce medicines. 

     To make the numerous buildings of their pharmacies and hospital meet the regulatory requirements of the State, «Acinus» opened a new branch – construction. It also had a positive effect on the employees who came to work in the new buildings, specially planned according to the needs of the company and constructed with care by the specialists of the neighboring department. 

     This construction department carries out its activities on the basis of a state license, is composed of professionals of all kinds and offers its services to all residents of the city. ldc

      «Acinus» started its medical activity in 1994, renting facilities of Kirovograd regional hospital, and was the first private hospital in the Kirovograd region. Four years later the Diagnostic and Treatment Center (DTC) "Acinus" got its own premises, where advice and treatment were carried out by doctors of 45 specialties.. 

      Treatment is carried out in the hospital of the DTC; there is also an outpatient`s and a home hospitals. The home hospital is a form of patient care, developed by the specialists of the DTC – the patient stays at home, while all the medical, therapeutic and physiotherapy activities are performed by employees of the company at home. 

      With its own laboratory, the DTC conducts X-ray examinations. 

      The emergency team and the mobile team of the DTC hold consultations in villages and district centers of the Kirovograd region, where people are unable to receive adequate medical care.    

     The DTC «Acinus» operates on the basis of the license for provision of all permitted types of medical care, and the first category accreditation certificate, both delivered by the Ministry of Health of Ukraine. 

However, taking care of people's health – is not only providing them with medical and pharmaceutical services. It is important to give everyone the opportunity to take care of his health – that will be the best help. This was the reason to create the travel department. Having started our work with children's leisure and recreation in Ukraine, we have gradually reached the level of a wide range of tourist services, both in Ukraine and abroad, including individual and group, children, special-purpose, educational, and elite tourism.

      As you can see, «Acinus» activities are multifaceted. Nevertheless, providing a wide range of services, we do not forget about the main thing… …

Individual approach is the main component of the DTC «Acinus» and the essential condition of our efficiency. 

      «Acinus» executives and staff regularly attend scientific conferences, forums and seminars, where the most advanced diagnostic and treatment methods are covered. Attentive and caring staff is doing everything to make our patients feel as comfortable as at home.

Technical equipment:

  •  in the field of medicine: «Acinus» has the ability to carry out a wide range of diagnostic and therapeutic procedures in all areas of medicine. Our clinic has diagnostic and medical equipment, provides disposable instruments, modern medicines from world manufacturers, specialized vehicles;
  • in pharmacy: the construction of a new pharmaceutical warehouse in accordance with the international requirements of the GDP makes the private enterprise “Acinus”meet the standards of the international pharmaceutical companies;

    Created in 1998, the diagnostic and treatment center “Acinus” was the first non-government medical institution in our city, which in a short time developed into a full wide-profile medical center and earned trust and recognition not only from patients, but also experts, who assert that “Acinus” medical service meets the requirements of the advanced countries.StLuka

     This is proven by our successful long-term cooperation with large domestic and foreign insurance companies.

     Ensuring a personalized welcome to every customer in our pharmacies, we are especially glad when they come for a piece of advice or a pack of vitamins rather than a strong drug.

The private enterprise “Acinus” is awarded:

  • the certificate of honour of the Regulatory Policy and Entrepreneurship State Committee of Ukraine, 2000;
  • the certificate of honour by the President of Ukraine, 2001;
  • the certificate of honour by the Prime Minister of Ukraine, 2001;
  • the Diploma of the International open Rating of popularity and quality "Golden Fortune", 2001;
  • the Diploma of the International open Rating of popularity and quality "Golden Fortune", 2001;
  • the Diploma of a nominee for the anthology "Golden Book of Ukrainian Elite", 2001;
  • and other awards for a significant contribution into the reform of the national economy, the development of entrepreneurship and the building of a market infrastructure in Ukraine.

 Services provided by «Acinus» :

      We do everything to provide you with accurate diagnoses, effective treatment, high-quality services in full and in time..

The private enterprise Private manufacturing company «Acinus» is the only private company in the Kirovograd region with such a wide range of activities – a merit fully attributable to Grygorii Ursol, whose efforts are directed to treatment, improvement and protection of people`s health.